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Meet the Makers – Lhasa & Yomi from Snafu Design

Meet the Makers – Lhasa & Yomi from Snafu Design

07 Oct

Snafu Design founders, Yomi and Lhasa, are a Melbourne-based dynamic sister-duo.

They have been creating their distinct and vibrant earring and accessory designs since 2013. Snafu’s inspiration comes from their urban surroundings living in inner-city Melbourne, the natural beauty of their childhood home on the far north coast of New South Wales, and their Japanese heritage. We caught up with Yomi and Lhasa to ask them a bit about what inspires them and what has kept them motivated during 2020.

What inspired the name SNAFU and what does it mean?


Lhasa: My husband suggested it and the modern interpretation is ‘a whoopsy’, which we think sums us up nicely in a cheeky kind of way. But mostly we just liked the sound of it.

What were you both doing before SNAFU?

Lhasa: I was a Paralegal in a superannuation company. It was an interesting job, but I always craved doing something creative and once we both started having babies it seemed like the perfect opportunity to leave corporate life behind and start a business with my sister.


How do you stay creative and motivated during this challenging time?

Lhasa: I’m very fortunate to have an ace sister as a business partner and knowing that she’ll always be there. It’s been hard to stay creative and motivated recently but having a sister to lean on makes it easier to keep going forward no matter how much gets done.


What’s the best advice you’ve been given?

Yomi: It’s OK to make mistakes. You’ll never succeed if you’re too afraid to make mistakes. That’s how you learn and grow.


What are you currently reading? 

Lhasa: Sorry, no time for reading adult stuff just Mr Men books for the kids.

Yomi: Slinky Milinky…the kids love it!



What’s your go-to morning tune?

Lhasa: currently Salted caramel ice-cream by Metronomy.


We love everything about Snafu Design and the people behind the brand – check out their amazing range here and our very own exclusive handmade laser cut animal shaped earring range here.



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