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Gifts and Homewares That Give Back

Gifts and Homewares That Give Back

01 Feb

Hello hello everyone. Thanks so much for joining me on my blogging adventures. I decided to start a blog to share my journey with you and keep you posted on the impact you are making by supporting The Karma Collective – a brand that offers gifts and homewares that give back. Hope you enjoy it!


David and Audrey Smiling

So who are we? 

Hello there – I’m Audrey. I live in Melbourne with my partner, Dave, and our super dooper cutie patootie dog, Harley. Dave and I live a pretty silly life together. Singing songs (often with the wrong lyrics) and dancing around the house is a daily occurrence. You’ll often find people breezing in and out of our house and my family calling us to ask whether they can come over for a coffee when they are already in the driveway. I work part time at The Karma Collective and Dave helps me at nights and on weekends. My beautiful mamma bear, Elaine, retired in 2017 and now works with me 2 – 3 days a week too.


What’s the story so far? 

Since launching The Karma Collective in November 2016, we have been donating a portion of each sale of our soy wax candles, artisan bar soaps and greeting cards to three amazing charities – World Animal Protection, Breast Cancer Network Australia and Save the Children. Thanks to our customers, we have been able to raise over $23,000 to date. (In March 2020, we’ve now raised over $40,000! Weeeee)


What’s the change? 

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting over the last couple of years and have been thinking about ways to maximise our impact. For this reason, I’ve decided to make a pretty big change to the donation structure of The Karma Collective. From March 1st 2019, we will be donating all of our contributions to animal welfare projects. Our mission moving forward will be to protect and improve the lives of animals in need. We will do this by offering a range of high quality gifts and homewares (both made by us and other brands) and donate 10% of all sales, not just profits, to charities that work to improve the lives of animals.


A selection The Karma Collective candles and greeting cards


Why the change? 

I believe we will be able to make a bigger impact this way. We will work with different charities but will focus on specific projects. It will allow us to bring you on our journey with us. We will be able to provide updates on the specific animals you are helping when you buy our products.

We also have great products from other brands available on our online store and donate 10% of all of our sales which will open the door to help more animals.

I truly believe that this is the right way for us to make the biggest difference that we can. Change is good – it just takes time to adjust.

What next?

The Karma Collective exists because we want to change the world for the better. We strive to be the easy choice when people are looking to buy products for themselves or loved ones. We make scented candles, artisan soaps and greeting cards which are fun and vibrant and give back from every sale we make. Not to mention we will soon be adding more products that you want to our range.


Dave and I recently wrote down our Wildly Ambitious Dreams. This is what our life would look like if money, time and resources were not a factor in achieving our goals. We landed on The Karma Collective being run by a group of people who feel respected and valued, and enjoy working with us. In turn, we would be able to work on the direct impact projects that we would like to get off the ground with the business. So, here’s hoping that with your support we will continue to grow until we achieve our Wildly Ambitious Dreams. Until then, there will be new products, new charity partners and new people to meet. It’s going to be a long journey, I hope you’ll come for the ride with me.






Food for thought: What is your Wildly Ambitious Dream? Are you on the right path to achieve it? If not, what are some steps you can take to begin your journey?

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