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Products are packed and shipped the next business day after an order is placed and should arrive within five business days for most cities in Australia. We recommend allowing up to seven business days for deliveries to Darwin, Perth and rural areas.

** Please note, we are currently experiencing some delays with delivery due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Currently, we ship to Austalia only. However, if you desperately want one of our products (we don’t blame you), get in touch and we’ll see what we are able to do.

We sure do – it’s best to have a chat about whether we can provide what you are specifically after. Drop us a line via the Contact page and we will get in touch.

For any products that are broken or damaged when you receive them, please contact us with your order number and images of the items and we will ensure a replacement is sent out to you.

Currently, we are not able to refund for change of mind.

If you do change your mind, we can offer you exchange within 14 days of purchase but please note you will need to cover the postage costs for the return items and the items you would like to exchange them for. Returned products will need to be unopened and undamaged. It’s always best to get in touch to organise an exchange so we can find the best solution for you.

There are care instructions located on the bottom of each candle for your reference. It’s important that a lit candle is never left unattended and that it is kept in a safe place, away from draughts, and out of reach of children and pets.

We recommended that you always trim the wick to approximately 5mm before use and that the lid is kept on between uses when the candle is not lit. We also recommend that the candle is left on for a few hours the first time you burn it to avoid the candle from creating a tunnel in the wax. This will help you get the most burn time from your candle.

Glide the nail polish brush over each fingernail, coating the surface from the base of the nail to the tip. For best results, we recommend using a Base Coat before applying colour. Apply two coats of colour. Allow nails to dry (which should only take about 5 minutes) between each cost. Once the second coat of colour is dry, seal the colour in with Top Coat to help your mani last longer. Note that for any fluro colours, we recommend 3 coats of colour before applying a top coat.

Store your nail polish in a cool, dark place. Do not store it in the fridge as it can make your nail polish gluggy or change the colour. Don’t store it in sunlight either as this can change the colour of the nail polish.

Your nail polish does not have an expiry date but over a long period of time, it may go gluggy. The good news is if it does, you can save it! You must use nail polish thinner to restore your nail polish back to new. A few drops will do. Never ever use nail polish remover to thin your polish, it will ruin it a month or so later.

Use your wraps to wrap your fruit and veggies in the fridge; wrap up sandwiches, cover your salad bowl or leftovers; roll pastry or dough on top of them and the list goes on!

To clean your reusable food wrap, simply wipe them with a dishcloth and some diluted dishwater if necessary. These wraps are naturally anti-bacterial. Be careful not to expose them to heat or hot water.

You can have your prints custom framed or frame them yourself. The prints will last with both options so it’s completely up to you!


Custom Framing:


We recommend you work with a professional framer who can step you through the whole process and work with you on the frame design. We recommend you have them framed to archival standards and let your framer unpack and handle the prints to minimise risk of any damage before it’s framed.


Always ensure your print is out of direct sunlight.  UV rays will deteriorate your print. Framed prints should be opened every few years to clean dust and allow the artwork to air.


DIY Framing:


If you are framing the prints yourself, we recommend using a mat board. A mat board provides ‘breathing’ space between the print and the glass or acrylic surface that protects your print. It ensures your print does not come into contact with any moisture that may build on the surface of the glass or acrylic surface particularly with temperature and humidity changes. 


Mat board size recommendations are:

Portrait: 0.5 – 1.5cm smaller than print width, 0.5cm to 3cm smaller than print height.

Landscape: 0.5 – 3cm smaller than print width, 0.5cm to 1.5cm smaller than print height.


We recommend placing a piece of archival quality paper between your print and the back of the frame to ensure all areas touching your print are acid free.  This extra layer will also help the print sit firm against the mat board and backing. Archival quality paper can be purchased at art shops or stationary retailers.


Before mounting your print give your frame a quick clean with a glass cleaner cloth or an appropriate glass cleaner. When cleaning the glass always spray a cloth first and then apply the cleaner to the glass.  Never spray cleaner near your print!  Plexiglas or other acrylic surfaces can not be cleaned with general class cleaner that contains ammonia.  A cleaner that specifies it can be used on acrylic surfaces will need to be used.


Always ensure your print is out of direct sunlight.  UV rays will deteriorate your print. Framed prints should be opened every few years to clean dust and allow the artwork to air.