Why can't I place an order online?  

Our online store has temporarily been put on hold because we have a slight wait on orders in the lead up to Christmas. We are furiously pouring candles as fast as our little hands will allow us to, so we expect our online store to be back up and running by November 24th. In the meantime, you can pre-order any candles by sending  us an enquiry via our 'Contact Us' page. 

How long does it take for online deliveries to arrive? 

Products are shipped the next business day and should arrive within five business days for most cities. We recommend to allow up to seven business days for deliveries to Darwin and Perth.

Do you ship internationally? 

We may be able to ship where you are. Send us a note via the 'Contact' page and we will get in touch to see if we can deliver to you. 

Do you do custom orders? 

We sure do - it's best to have a chat about whether we can provide what you are specifically after. Drop us a line via the 'Contact' page and we will get in touch. 

Can I find you on social media?

You sure can - you can find our Instagram here and our Facebook here