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Cultivating Kindness with Lisa Teh
We are so pleased to be bringing our next Cultivating Kindness interview to you, with Lisa Teh. Lisa has founded so many things including Codi Agency, a digital marketing agency; 101 Lifestyle, a minimal lifestyle brand; and most recently, LISNIC, an online platform designed to connect Business and Mind Coaches from around the world with[…]
5 Fast Facts about Giraffes
June 21st is World Giraffe Day and to celebrate, we have put together 5 fast facts about giraffes so we can all learn more about these majestic creatures. Why June 21st? It has the longest day or night (depending on which side of the equator you’re on!) so quite a fitting day to celebrate the[...]
Meet the Maker – Cheryl Sanders from WRAPPA
We’re excited to introduce you to Cheryl Sanders, the Founder and Managing Director of WRAPPA, the world’s only certified palm oil-free reusable food wrap. Her “aha” moment for WRAPPA came along when she realised there was no vegan-friendly option to beeswax wraps on the market globally, which was surprising, considering how many people who were[…]
Cultivating Kindness with Tony Gilding
Cultivating Kindness is a series that celebrates kindness and the positive impact that it has in our own lives, the lives of others and on the world. In this series we will be interviewing people from all walks of life to understand how they cultivate kindness in their lives and the work that they do.[...]
How to Re-Purpose your Candle Jar in 3 Easy Steps
We’ve had so many people ask us for our advice when it comes to cleaning out candles for re-use, so we’ve created this quick guide for you.  How to Re-Purpose your Candle Jar in 3 Easy Steps   Step 1: Freeze it up Yep, you read correctly. Place your candle in the freezer for a[…]
5 Simple Ways You Can Help the Environment
World Environment Day is just around the corner (June 5) so we wanted to share some ideas on how you can help the environment. These aren’t grand acts, but rather, small and thoughtful lifestyle changes that are achievable and equally as important. So here we go…  5 Simple Ways to Help the Environment 1. Swap[…]
Meet the Makers – The Plant Runner
To celebrate our latest collaboration (‘Create your own Zen Den’ pack) with The Plant Runner, we chatted to the green-thumbed legends behind the business, Duncan and Dom.    Two horticulturalists with a shared passion for plants, music and travel, Duncan and Dom first met while working together at Dom’s (outdoor) Garden Maintenance and Design Business.[…]
5 Tips to Create Your Own Zen Den
To celebrate the launch of our ‘Create your own Zen Den’ Limited Edition box, I thought I’d share my top 5 tips on how to do just that. The reality is, since most of us are working from home, our homes have become our sanctuaries for work, rest and play. Transforming your home into your[…]