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We donate 10% of our sales to help protect and improve the lives of animals in need.

Flame, a joey who was burned in the 2019/20 Australian bush fires.

Our donations are currently being contributed to World Animal Protection. World Animal Protection help animals in wildlife, farming, disasters,  and in communities all over the world.

The Karma Collective donations will help them to support native Australian animals, many which were affected by the 2019/20 bushfires.

koala in tree
A koala at Hunter Wildlife – one of the wildlife organisations that World Animal Protection have supported during this time.

With over one billion animals killed in the fires, our native animals are more vulnerable than ever. World Animal Protection have already helped to provide much needed food and vital medical supplies to help animals in need.

Our donations will help continue to provide support to those who need it most during this time.


Our donations have previously supported Sun Bear Outreach,  a not-for-profit created to improve the welfare of captive sun bears in Indonesia. They act directly where the bears are kept, raise awareness for issues that affect sun bears and reintroduce sun bear cubs to the wild.  

We have helped to fund the build of a forest enclosure for rescued sun bears in Borneo as well as a sun bear cub rehabilitation project.

Sun Bear Outreach Logo

Since launching in November 2016, we have contributed over $40,000 to our charity partners^. With the help of some amazing volunteers have also cleared 62kg of rubbish from our beaches.

^ From Nov 2016 – Feb 2019 donations were allocated to World Animal Protection, Breast Cancer Network Australia and Save the Children. The Karma Collective have been focusing solely on animal welfare projects from March 2019.